Tennessee Waffle House shooter will remain in maximum security, separate from inmates

(Davidson County Sheriff’s Office/Metro Police photo)
Sheriff Daron Hall-PHOTO: Davidson County Sheriff<p></p>
(Davidson County Sheriff’s Office photo)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) – Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall says accused Waffle House shooting suspect Travis Reinking will remain under observation and separate from other inmates.

Reinking, who is charged with four counts of criminal homicide, was taken into custody by the sheriff’s office following his arrest Monday.

Hall says given tensions are high, deputies will be protecting other inmates from Reinking and Reinking from himself and from the community.

Reinking is on a minimum 72 hours medical evaluation, monitored every 15 minutes for mental health and medical staff. Once released he will be moved into a restricted housing unit where he will be secured for 22 hours per day with 2 hours out of the cell.

Hall says Reinking will only be allowed visitors via video visitation, the only exceptions being clergy and lawyers.

Reinking is set to appear in court on May 7. Hall says he believes Reinking will be housed at the facility for a year or more.

During the conference Hall stressed the need for mental illness treatment.

"Too many guns, too many mentally ill people," Hall said. "When you put those two things together in our community, the potential for things like this is going to exist."

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office has programs for some mentally ill patients, but said due to the nature of the crime, Reinking would not qualify for any of them. Hall says the mental health issue can’t be solved solely by the justice system.

"The criminal justice system can’t solve the mental health problem," Hall said. "My goal is for us to reach people that are here today who are suffering from mental illness."

Hall shared his frustrations over the Waffle House shooting, which came just seven months after a deadly shooting at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch.

"I’m frustrated because my community has been victimized again by a situation," Hall said. "Too many people have been victimized senselessly."

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