Metro Council proposes change to short-term rental regulations

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Metro Council is taking another swing at limiting the impact of short-term rentals in Nashville neighborhoods.

Last year state lawmakers overturned their work. This year they are focusing on future development.

Metro Council Member Burkley Allen is spearheading a new bill that would limit developments, specifically for what’s called non-owner occupied rentals.

In simple terms, it focuses on future apartment projects.

It would also make sure Nashville has enough homes for the growing city.

“Currently many are being used for short-term rental for tourists, but we need to be building homes for people to live in,” said Allen. “Part of the solution is having more of it.”

A few important notes on the bill.

Existing short-term rentals that fall under this category will not be impacted as long as they are legally operating.

Projects already approved and in construction will be grandfathered in.

These projects could still apply to locate in mixed use and commercial zones and the companies could apply for a zoning change if they want to build in a residential zone.

The Nashville area short-term rental agencies fear there will be unintended consequences.

“Even though the effective date is in October, the advice we’ve received is that once it passes the planning commission, no new permits would be issued,” said Megan McCrea, president of NASTRA.

They argue that if you look at the numbers, short-term rentals get less complaints than the average home.

The group said they try to operate as best they can, but they fell like every time they get used to a set of rules, the city “pulls the rug out from under them.”

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